Witcher 3 best mutations reddit

One of the most iconic games out there, The Witcher 3's popularity stems first and foremost from its vivid world and compelling story line, and second from the freedom the player gets when it comes to Geralt's growth as a character. Every player will have a different way of completing the game, depending on the choices they make in shaping Geralt's skills and expertise in Signs, Combat, Alchemy and General skills. Updated on February 12th, by Anastasia Maillot: There are nearly endless build possibilities in The Witcher 3, with only the sky as the limit.

What makes things in the game even more interesting is the fact that the DLCs bring so much more to the table when it comes to builds, with more variety in skills. The mutations in the Blood and Wine DLC are particularly great examples of maximizing the amount of skills a build can have active. While Igni is one of the most popular picks when it comes to the signs, why not try something different for once? Aard is actually a powerful sign to have on the player's side when paired with some of the mutations in Blood and Wine.

If they fall over while frozen, they'll also die instantly. Granted, the likelihood of it happening isn't big, but it's still a pretty great advantage to have against a group of enemies that might otherwise overwhelm Geralt. For those who have the Blood and Wine DLC available, mutations are a great way to get creative with builds or to further complement existing ones.

One of the best mutations available is Second Life, which basically makes you immune to any damage when you die, every three minutes or so. This essentially makes Geralt immortal. The best part about this build is that it can be made from any of the main three flavors of the game.

It fits well into combat, alchemy and even sign heavy builds, but it also means it's a bit of a niche option. Still, worth considering for those who dream of being an unbeatable force. For those looking for a more strategic approach to combat, the alchemist build might be just the challenge for you.

The Witcher 3 - God Tier Build - Alchemy, Combat, & Signs

The real challenge for this build comes from the fact that it will affect Geralt's toxicity levels, and also keep you busy foraging and gathering for ingredients. All about outwitting your enemies, this combination of Alchemy and Signs makes Geralt the perfect magician and brewmaster.

This build takes into account the individual weaknesses of each enemy and exploits them to the fullest degree. To really make this combination work, opt for Rage Management from General skills which will allow you to use adrenaline to cast signs and Refreshment from Alchemy to ensure you'll always have some extra vitality at hand.

The perfect balance between swordplay and the magic practiced by Geralt, this build is ideal when making the choice between the two seems impossible. If you have the Blood and Wine expansion, we recommend opting for one Alchemy skill, Euphoria, which will boost your swordplay and Sign intensity.

Here, Griffin or medium armor is the best choice since you will be utilizing Signs so much. The most balanced form of Geralt is taking skills from all the categories. While generally spreading out skills in such manner is not advised, for players wanting to experiment with a bit of everything it's a great option. Depending on what your preferences are, we recommend building your hybrid around these skill choices. If your play style is waiting for that perfect moment to strike while keeping your enemies at bay, then going for a basic high defense hybrid build is a great idea.

From the Signs you should grab crowd control abilities like Yrden to slow down your enemies and Quen to shield and protect yourself. Aard is also useful for pushing away enemies when Geralt gets clumped up. We're not going to lie, a pure magic user in The Witcher 3 is going to be hard to pull off especially in the late game. That being said, nothing is impossible and the challenge can be surprisingly rewarding. After that, it's up to you which Signs you focus on.

For players who really enjoy using their Signs in an aggressive and offensive manner, the Magic Sensibilities mutation is by far the best pick in the Blood and Wine DLC.But which weapon is the best to pick?

This all depends on the play-style you choose. Updated by Madison Lennon on February 13, We thought now would be a great time to revisit this list about the best weapons in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, ranked.

Now that The Witcher has officially released its first season on Netflix, more people than ever before are playing the game and getting involved in the vast and exciting fantasy franchise. There is a lot of weapons in the game, many of which are very customizable and can be upgraded. Ten just didn't seem to be enough to show off the wide variety so we added a few more. The crossbow is often forgotten about because it's not one of the main weapons used in the game. You'll only use the crossbow usually when you're fighting against underwater opponents or trying to knock a monster out of the air, otherwise, it's not going to be a great help on the battlefield.

You can find the crafting diagram east of Boxholm, in the ruins. Like some of the other swords in the game, the Longclaw Steel Sword comes in three varieties, common, relic, and crafted.

witcher 3 best mutations reddit

The relic version is the best of the three and you'll definitely want to get your hands on it if you're trying to collect the best weapons in the game. It is found in one of the relic chests in the game located in Skelliege, Freya's Garden, and Hindarsfjall Island. It also helps add to the Yrden sign intensity and armor-piercing stats. The Harpy Silver Sword is another great sword in the game but you do have to wait a little bit to use it since you can't until you reach level It has a very high amount of damage, up to and it also has an increased chance of causing bleeding in your enemies.

You can also add up to three different runes to this sword to make it even stronger. If you embark on the Wandering in the Dark quest with Keira you can find the diagram of this sword in a chest in the place you'll explore. A product of the School of the Cat gear set, this sword features a focus on continual damage throughout the fight. Like all Witcher school swords, it offers three slots for runes to add to your optimal fight style.

The diagram for this sword can be found inside Kaer Gelen, located in the northern mountains of Ard Skellig.

How to Unlock all Mutations Guide – The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine

If you want to play as a hard-hitting, murder machine then this is the sword for you. Second-best on the rank of steel swords, this blade packs a real punch.

So why is this sword considered top-tier? It also has three slots available for runes, which allows you to continue with a damage build or add an extra boost to your signs if you want to go the magic route. You won't be able to get the Gesheft Silver Sword until you're both at level 45 and playing the Blood and Wine expansion pack as it isn't available in the main game alone.Hot Topics.

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Best New Mutations? Mutated Skin? Euphoria bug? Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. I am donning grandmaster cat armor on a mostly combat build with 3 slots for alchemy.

My build isn't one hit kill, or close to that. I decided to try out Euphoria but it seems I have to euip and re equip it to get it to work after first engagement. This got annoying so i spent a ton of points and mutagens on Mutated Skin which says it reduces damage taken with toxicity. I don't know how good it is but I do know it cost me a lot to get.

Anything hitting you takes like half your health. What other lethal mutations are out there. Krull32 Rookie 2 Jun 9, Mutated Skin works with adrenaline points, not points of toxicity.

And for me Euphoria works like it should. Every point of toxicity increases my dmg. Right I knew that. I was just wondering if its actually that protective. Krull32 Rookie 4 Jun 9, Last edited: Jun 9, Krull32 said:. Hm, can't answer that question. Griffin works only during combat and its bonuses go away after combat ends. You start building stacks during combat for that combat encounter.Coming up with the best build was a challenging process.

Who can really say what the best build is? So I had to start from the beginning and rethink my approach to the game and why I played it and enjoyed it so much. The challenge of the combat was the biggest factor Death March.

In addition to searching and making the best gear possible. High investment in the Sign branch had to be taken off the list. It took away the challenge out of the game and was limited by the mechanics, since you can only use one Sign at a time.

Furthermore, Signs are difficult to control and shift while deep in combat, doing more harm than good at times. Plus there is less room for error, in comparison to Signs. So Geralt needed to maximise on every strike and minimise his exertions in order to meet this demand. While increasing his survival and ease in defense through the Sign Tree.

Checkout the Ursine Tank Build if you want something different. Your primary attack will be your fast attack and therefore, the initial investments will go into this path. Not to mention that they are also less likely to be dodged and allow you a higher probability to to apply your DoTs. Make sure to get all the Places of Powersince you need every skill point you can get your hands on for a hybrid build. And read the Easy Leveling Guide to help you with your leveling and pacing.

This has been a common question and something that needs to be addressed. If you manage to get the 6 Places of Power in White Orchard in addition to at least two levels before exiting the area. You have yourself 8 skill points. The damage from CST and the fast cast Axii and defensive Quen explosion is enough to give me the added advantage early in the game, assuming I am geared correctly.

You might be different though and that is why I have recommended the other skills in addition to these three. Once that is completed all additional skill points gained will be put into the Combat Tree.

Until you have maxed out all the major ones and have reached the final Tier of the Tree. You could go for both. Once these fundamentals have unlocked and more importantly you have gained greater confidence in the basics of combat.

You then begin to distribute the remaining points, into Alchemy and the Sign Tree.The starting quest is for level 35 and begins with Geralt receiving a letter in Toussaint. Triss believes Geralt could benefit from this in some way. The first of many challenges in there is to avoid being hit by spikes coming from the ground. They do show up in specific intervals and are easy to avoid or jump over.

The 2nd task is to defeat 2 Guardian beasts. Before he reaches the door, there is one more fight to be won — against another guardian beast. In the room right after that is the secret locked entrance with the 4 stones blocking the door. Using the Witcher sense Geralt wil find a few tablets spread around the room. Firing at them with his crossbow will unlock the door. This is always the correct direction. Inside the laboratory Geralt must find the 2 missing crystals for the megascope.

The last thing Geralt needs before he can use the Mutations system is eggs from mutated giant centipedes. In one of the cages in the laboratory there is a breach into the wall where a narrow corridor leads to the nest of these creatures. Geralt must defeat them all before he can pick up the eggs he needs. With all the items obtained, it is time to begin the process.

Exactly what Geralt was hoping for.

witcher 3 best mutations reddit

For the process to begin, he needs to undress and enter the machine. Once the processes inside are all finished, Geralt exits stronger than ever before.

There are 3 tiers of mutations. To use mutations, first you must research them. To do this, choose one of the available mutations. For mutations research to finish successfully, you must devote the required number of Ability Points and mutagens to it. To develop advanced mutations, you must first develop other, more basic ones.

Once a mutation is researched, you must press the Enter key or double click to activate it. Only one mutation can be active at any given time. The Strengthened Synapses mutation the big circle in the middle improves automatically when you develop other mutations. As it does, it unlocks additional Ability Skills slots back in the Character window. The active mutation is displayed in the right half of the screen, between the 4 columns of abilities you have active. The color of the extra ability you can put in the new extra slot must match the color of the active mutation.

Advanced mutations, disctionguished by their yellow color, require multiple types of mutagens, but allow you to use any Abilities from the Red, Blue and Green groups.Mutations are one of the biggest novelties introduced by Blood and Wine.

Best New Mutations? Mutated Skin? Euphoria bug?

They are powerful unique abilities that vastly enhance Geralt's already impressive skills. The mutations are not available by default and to gain access to them you will have to find the secret laboratory of Dr. Moreau, located in the ruins inside the Valley of the Nine. The side quest Turn and Face the Strange is associated with reaching the lab.

In order to unlock this quest you must wait until Geralt gets approached by a messenger bearing a letter from Yennefer. The messenger should appear shortly after the completion of the main quest Blood Run. Snoop around Beauclair until you see a short scene showing your encounter with the messenger.

The letter will inform Geralt of Professor Moreau and his lost workshop. You must now complete the Turn and Face the Strange quest, which was described in detail in a separate chapter of this guide. At the end of this quest, Geralt will enter the casket-like object shown in the picture above. Using Professor Moreau's equipment will enable you to acquire mutations. Open the character screen where you spend skill points received through leveling up.

Then select the mutations icon or press C to open a new screen. You can now unlock mutations from a total of twelve available in the expansion. In order to obtain a specific mutation more specifically - to carry out research that will result in discovering itGeralt must have free skill points the ones received for obtaining new experience levels and have enough greater mutagens in his inventory.

Once a mutation is researched, you must activate it. What's very important, you can't have more than one mutation active simultaneously. Because of that you should always select an active mutation which suits your current needs for example the requirements for combat. One passive mutation called Strengthened Synapses is developed while you obtain new active mutations.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. I'm looking for the most OP builds I can get. Any builds or build ideas are welcome. I also want to try and play with the signs, for example become a fire master, or lord of the wind.

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 comments. Leo View Profile View Posts. When you get to Touisant get Alchemy mutations. With this build Detlaff was EZ He was 1 shotting me with bat attack in 2nd phase. Its a tough build to start with, but it becomes OP around lvl Last edited by Leo ; 3 Mar, am. Originally posted by PrettyPink :.

Last edited by Shotgun Malise ; 3 Mar, pm. Samadhi View Profile View Posts. I'm currently playing using Troll, Ekhidna and Ekkimara potions simultaneously, with Piercing cold mutagen.

Its extremely durable and with stacked Aard glyphs with grandmaster Griffin armor, wrecks even large groups of skull humans or Mobs. Its a nice change from the AP builds anyway. Last edited by Samadhi ; 3 Mar, pm. Sargon View Profile View Posts. Just go for convenience or stamina regen so a skill with a 5-pont cap is better than a 3-pont one, nevermind its primary benefit.

Glyphword to make it medium armor, obviously. Mutations: Euphoria, I guess. Metamorphosis may be pretty amusing, too. Still gotta see if there is a cap to the percentage of your HP that Quen can catch, or however the hell all this works.

Still have to get far enough in the game to actually use it, but already playing with a classic Igni-Yrden-Quen-Griffin sign build and I have gradually thought up this one. My line of thinking is this: If Igni can set it on fire, the fight is trivial. It can do that from a certain fairly early threshold to all creatures that can be set on fire at all, so no worries there. But what about the rest; earth elementals, wraiths, bosses and such?

witcher 3 best mutations reddit

You can damage them with Yrden traps, but some have resistances even to that, and where's the fun in rolling around while waiting for the trap to whittle them down? Overall, I'd say this is the ultimate lazy build, where you are ridiculously destructive without any thinking overhead. It would probably fail in a raw DPS comparison with some immortal junkie running thirty decoctions and grinding the Nilfgaardian camp to dust without seeing a drop in his HP or stamina, but the absence of need for any sort of potion management or combat tactics makes up for that.

Last edited by Sargon ; 12 Mar, pm. Originally posted by Sargon :. Originally posted by CloudSeeker :.